About us

Who and what is behind Dragonfly?

Our light sculptures are inspired by nature, each one absolutely unique and impossible to recreate.

We are inspired by each wood, which suggests what other material to combine or incorporate, the best spot to place the light, emphasizing its form.

The woods we use are shaped by time and the continuous movement, sometimes slow, sometimes impetuous, of the oceans…

Walking on the beach, our eyes always scan the wood returned from the sea, looking for the inspiring piece.

The vision of Dragonfly can be defined as an encounter, a dialogue between man, nature and time.

Our intent is to achieve objects that can create emotions and convey harmony and beauty.

We give new life to something that was thought to have come to an end.


Michele was born in southern Italy and moved with his family to the suburbs of Milan at a young age.

Graduate as an electronics technician in computer science, he has always had an artistic side that he channeled mainly into music, developing a passion for percussion instruments.

At the age of 30, he decided with his partner Maria to leave everything behind and start a new life in Panama, by the ocean, where for years he ran a B&B and where he was able to develop his innumerable manual skills.

Walks on the deserted beach gave him the inspiration to start this project, and the fusion with Emanuela’s talent brought to life the works of Dragonfly


Emanuela, an Italian born in Bergamo and raised in Milan, has a degree in architecture and several work experiences ranging from exhibition design, photography, collaboration with an Indian company producing beautiful handmade papers.

Finally, she opens, as owner, “Arte&Carte” a small store in the heart of Milan with a workshop attached where she teaches and deepens different decorative techniques.

In 2013 she moved to Panama with Marco, her partner, in search of a better quality of life, in contact with nature and away from the hectic pace of Milan. With them also lives Nina, their beloved dog.

In recent years she has rediscovered her love and talent in manual skills, from the culinary to the creative arts, and it is this that has been able to explode in the fusion of her talent with Michele’s one and so give birth to Dragonfly