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Why Dragonfly?

Symbol of elegance, grace, balance.

Elegant and silent insect with a flight so graceful it looks like a dance in the air.

The dragonfly is often associated with transformation because of a Native American legend.

It is said that the dragonfly was originally a real wise dragon. With its breath it was able to generate magic with which it gave light to the world.

One day, a coyote, envious, challenged the dragon to a shape-shifting contest. The dragon transformed into the dragonfly, but remained imprisoned in this insect as he lost all his powers in the metamorphosis.

The words elegance, balance and transformation, in our opinion, well portray the essence of all our works.

About us

Our light sculptures are inspired by nature, each one absolutely unique and impossible to recreate.

We are inspired by each wood, which suggests what other material to combine or incorporate, the best spot to place the light, emphasizing its form.

The woods we use are shaped by time and the continuous movement, sometimes slow, sometimes impetuous, of the oceans…

Our Artworks

In collaboration with Mesopotamia